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Tone of Voice/Digital Copy

Google partnered with B-Reel to launch Project Fi, an ambitious rethinking of how cellular networks connect to our devices, disrupting the archaic status quo that held back technologies to the benefit the cell carriers.

I worked closely with B Reel over a 6 month period to develop a consumer facing tone of voice and copy that could communicate the benefits of very complex technological advances to anyone, even me. 

View site: Project Fi

Google Fi

Brand Voice

The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico's goal is to protect 33% of the island by 2033, but they had a problem. They were perceived as just another government agency, with all the negative baggage that that brought with it.

Recreating their 'brand' from the ground up, I collaborated with Berliner Benson to give them a new, friendly, approachable voice that was worthy of their amazing conservation ambitions.


Pre-Roll Video

Badoo pre
XQ Print



360 Campaign

The Website: evolved as the project evolved. At first it served as a registration page for the shoot,  a page that all media and PR for the event directed wannabe applicants to.


Once the registration phase was complete the site went live on the day of the event becoming the home of all the portraits, uploaded in real-time as they were taken.

The Campaign:

From the 1000, 26 finalists were then announced on the website [two of whom were voted for by the public*], their faces and messages to appear all over NYC.

The Winners:

Badoo, the the World’s 4th Largest Social Network, wanted to introduce the brand to U.S audiences following the site’s runaway success in Europe and South America. Facebook was for existing friends and dating sites were for dating, but Badoo’s uniqueness lay in the fact it served as a conduit for its users to meet new people, for whatever reason, in their city and beyond. The solution came directly from this USP: A fully integrated marketing campaign that, just like Badoo,
gave New Yorkers the chance to say a big hello to NYC and introduce themselves to new people all across their city, by handing over all OOH and digital media to a chosen few. But first we had to find them…


“The Badoo Project”:

The Badoo Project kicked off with a mammoth three day photoshoot (and PR worthy event) where 1000 New Yorkers had their portraits taken by four of the world’s hottest photographers.

Badoo 360


Google Maps 10 Year Anniversary



The perpetual question mark.

The light that shines in dark corners from restless minds.

Genesis of every thing ever discovered.

Origin of every place ever explored.

What if?

What's next?

Why not?

Without it, oh, the beauty we would have missed,

The eyes we would never have opened.

Thank you, curiosity, for bringing us this far.

Where are you taking us next?

Godiva Chocolates


Take the finest friends and family

Spread them far across the States

As temperatures dip, bring together


Gather treats and gifts, great and small

Sprinkle with delicacy and wrap with gold

Store secretly, in silence, for safety


Combine in a familiar place

Whisk old and new to a flurry

Bring to boil, and stir frequently


Allow flavors to settle

Serve with love

Finish with Godiva

Applegate: Natural and Organic Food

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So let us tell you what we think is beautiful.




Unsymmetrical, un-chemical coated, un-genetically altered imperfection.

A juicy un-pesticide sprayed tomato.

Succulent un-hormone added bacon.

Organic chocolate cake, sans unnecessary preservatives.

Shopping carts stacked with less artificial ingredients than the checkout girl's lipgloss.

Fridges full of healthiness, not health hazards.

Organic hotdogs that inspire confidence as well as salivation.

Fruit slushies that give you brain freeze, not brain melt.

Yogurts that make you lick your lips, not consult the nearest bio-chemist.

Common sense.

Agriculture done the way nature intended.

Knowing exactly what we're putting in our bodies,

and exactly what we're giving you to put in yours.

Peace of mind.

And a piece of organic chocolate cake that's actually good for you. Okay, okay, in a philosophical sense.

Dirt. Gloriously dirty, filthy, mucky, un-chemical filled dirt.

Reading ingredient labels without getting frown lines.

Being as gentle on the earth as we are on our kids.

Did we mention organic chocolate cake?

Everyone who embraces organic,

from the passionate growers, to the makers, to the moms that cook it at home, and the babies who end up with it all over their faces.

And everyone yet to embrace it... boy, do you have a treat coming your way.

And accountability.

Big, ripe, juicy dollops of accountability.

Topped off with a side of transparency.

Because this planet and everyone, and thing, that calls it home, deserve our integrity, honesty and respect.


That's our idea of beauty.

You should try it.

Come, taste the love.

Google Daydream, VR Platform

I've seen some things you wouldn't believe.


The power to open eyes,


To open minds.


Sand grains dancing northwest of the tropic of capricorn.


Clouds casting shadows in the midday Amazon sun.


The bones of the dead stacked side by side, waiting to be returned to the earth.


Directionless, I found direction.


Listless, I was inspired.


'Where to next?' my only question.


These things, this beauty, that would otherwise have been lost in time.


Am I full?


There is no full...


When there's still so much more to see.


When did clean get so dirty? Clean used to be just that, clean. Good enough to eat
off, good enough to sleep on. There wasn’t a white whiter than white. Mountain fresh
scent was in the mountains. And super, mega and ultra were the trademarks of super
heroes in comic books. Then came the day some genius decided clean just wasn’t
cutting it anymore. That was the day clean became unclean.


Clean became toxic, caustic and poisonous. Had more skull and crossbones than a
‘Class of 1632’ Pirate Reunion. Put words together like ‘Only’ ’Use’ ’In’ ‘A’ ’Well’
‘Ventilated’ ‘Area’. And made eyes blood shot, skin irritated and rubber glove sales
soar. Clean instructed us to kill the germs that might harm us and our families, with
chemicals that definitely would. And made the air we breathed inside our homes
more polluted than the air we breathed outside. Clean, who’s job it was to keep us
healthy, now came at a cost – our health.


It’s time to redefine clean. To take it back to being clean again. To give people a clean
that won’t make them choose between efficacy and their health. A clean that removes
the dirt it was designed to remove without leaving even more harmful residues in their
place. A clean that gives you a shiny kitchen not a stinking headache. That kills
bacteria not brain cells. Destroys stains not lungs. And says, to hell with compromise,
I’ll remove the brown ring from your toilet without removing the hair from your nostrils.

It’s time for A CLEANER CLEAN.

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